General Question

Swap allows users to trade between cryptocurrencies without the need to sign up or make an account.
Swap allows you to avoid the hassles that are common throughout the cryptocurrency industry.
Swap also handles withdrawals.

This allows the customer to get their coins much faster.

Swap exclusively uses the books located on our AltQuick
To select the coin you want to deposit click the coin image under “Deposit”. To select the coin you want to purchase click the coin image under “Receive”. Enter receiving address in the space provided. We recommend providing an Emergency Address in the space provided.
Click “Open Trade”

Check that the receiving address you provided is correct. Deposit your coins to the address provided by Swap.

Swap will now complete your trade. You can check the status of the trade in real time. The final page will display a breakdown of your trade.
Swap charges a 1.0% fee for our service.

Additionally, users will pay AltQuick fees and network fees equal to but not exceeding the actual fees paid by Swap to trade, transfer and balance coins between send wallets and exchanges.
Network fees are what some people call Miner fees.

Network fees vary depending on how busy the network is and how fast you want a transaction to be confirmed. We recommend using,24h

to get a better idea of how busy the network is. You could then choose to transact during times when fees are low.

Our current Bitcoin miner fees are also viewable on our AltQuick API:
42-coin - 5
Bitcoin - 1
Bitcoin Cash - 2
Bitcoin SV - 2
Chia - 20
Clamcoin - 6
Dash - 5
Dogecoin - 10
Digibyte - 40
Gapcoin - 12
HIVE - 1
Litecoin - 10
Maza - 10
Monero - 10
Namecoin - 2
Particl - 15
Qtum - 15
Rhombus - 5
Wownero - 10
ZCash - 24
Each time you trade using Swap we place a market order on AltQuick. Our rates are based on real-time market orders.
Each trade will be different because Swap uses precise market and network conditions at the time of the trade.
As markets and network fees are constantly fluctuating these numbers can’t be predicted.

Our system was built with our customers’ time in mind and we work hard to complete trades both quickly and economically.
Please use our calculator tool to get an estimate on your transaction at that time.
It can be found by clicking "Estimate" at the top of the Home page
All trades are final.

Yes. Affiliates are paid a commission split for the lifetime of their signups.

Affiliates earn 100% of all faucet hits. EXAMPLE: If your signup earns 0.01 CLAM from our Faucet. You will earn 0.01 CLAM too.

Affiliates earn 50% of all Swap fees. EXAMPLE: If your signup trades 1 Bitcoin on Swap. You will earn 0.005 BTC due to trade fees being 1% on Swap.

Affiliates earn 50% of all AltQuick fees. EXAMPLE: If your signup trades 1 Bitcoin on AltQuick. You will earn 0.001 BTC due to trade fees being 0.2% on AltQuick.

Payments are processed every 15 minutes and deposited into your AltQuick account. You can then withdraw your earnings on

When a user clicks your link, your affiliate link will be stored in the user's browser's local storage. Your affiliate link will not expire unless the user deletes their local storage history or the user clicks a different FreeBitcoins affiliate than yours. If the user clicks a different FreeBitcoins affiliate link, it will replace the old local storage link with the new click.

Note: Single satoshi trades fees and fee rounding are always credited to AltQuick

Just put in your withdraw address and target coin using HTML below to add the Swap button to your site!

Freebitcoins Swappy Button

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="AltQuick Swappy Button" /></a>
No, we are absolutely not a money service business, we do not support or quote fiat and cryptocurrency will never be convertible to money or other things of "real-world value" on AltQuick does not represent that cryptocurrency listed on our site has any real-world value (1 DOGE is 1 DOGE). Cryptocurrency that doesn't promise returns is not a security, nor is it money.

"Convertable virtual currency" ("CVC") or "Stable coins" seem to be invented to trick users into feeling safe in a "digital form" (wink wink) of various fiats and that seems sketchy and wrong. Our service prides itself on being purely a cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency P2P exchange.

AltQuick will never list, quote or otherwise use fiat, stable coins, company tokens, revenue-based cryptocurrencies or things of that nature.
Swap operates strictly as a cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency P2P swap and has nothing to do with fiat, stable fiat tokens or security-based tokens.

Swap is not required to collect customer data. We respect our users' privacy.

Giving personal information, especially when in the crypto space, is risky for a number of reasons.
The best way to prevent money laundering is not to use money. Thus, we have opted not to offer any fiat currency or anything that tries to act like money or fiat currency ("Stable coins" or "Convertable Virtual Currencies").

Bitcoin is NOT money.

Our legal team will comply with any lawful court orders received from countries around the globe. Please contact us at:

We are especially vigilant with crimes against children.
To avoid waiting on support we recommend adding an “Emergency Address” before beginning a trade.
If for any reason a trade fails your coins will automatically return to this Emergency Address.

If you are still experiencing difficulties please open a support ticket:
Trades can fail for many reasons. The most common reason is that another user's coins got confirmed before yours and used up our local wallet’s available balance.
Yes, if you have a withdrawal from that has not been confirmed in 72 hours, please contact us.
Addresses are reusable, but we strongly recommend doing one trade per address.